if you could not then only will it be a blow

when first time in 2014 bjp government came into power  in the leadership of modi everyone in this country who was in state of melancholy due to excess of inequality of  resource allotment in this country do aspired that whatsoever will happen but there would be no dearth of enthusiasm in this country for at least 5 years,at least any innovation in mind appears soon it could be made viable as was the story of narendra modi .it was the simple expectation of the people of this country from the modi, that every young man was thinking of himself moving on the  same pace as was maintained by the modi to reach up to this extreme of the height of a carrier but after reaching the heights as it always happens with a poorly dimension-ed man that on heights its ebullience begin to befall as, on the heights only cloud appears always hindering  even a close object to be  seen clearly by the eyes however matured they might be and suddenly modi find himself in the clouds the clouds which comes inevitably into the journey of anyone who prevails in this run up for flying higher and higher.modi was flying higher like a titan and everyone in this country found a relief in his story that a tea boy touched such masculine heights of progress who now aspiring to be a prime minister of this country ,so when modi came to power this promise was silenty inherent in his victory that this stream of enthusiasm, that which is the most sought quality of a leader , this he will never let go of his reign during his tenure and it is the sole responsibility of modi to maintain the same enthusiasm for the whole tenure and in achieving the goals this phenomenon should never be forgotten


we are not the part of infinite but we ourselves are infinite,how

since the inception of our civilization we had started to ponder how much is the extent of our existence,all our ancient civilizations show none of them was confined to the mere existence of this body.whether you take Egypt,Indus valley or Aryan ,none  of them was limited only to this corporal existence and later every different religion which came to existence revealed much on this wonderful aftermath of human life.on the very sight these were Aryans who spearheaded the concept  of  soul that changes its corporal existence birth after birth,moreover most of the religion mainly Buddhist endorsed the concept but present day science never bothered to look into the matter with precociousness ,it never tried to focus on the absolute element of this wonderful phenomenon of life .alas ,in the span of thousands of years as a race like our mankind we never gave our best to solve this eternal question of life whereas the infinite inputs are available in this context to help the investigation in this regard.the present day science even ignored the Buddha who   most recently highlighted the science of life in a great scientific manner.Aryans were well aware of these majestic capabilities of human existence that could unfold the mystery of the every kind of existence on this earth that even in a scientific manner,later when the aryans became the victim of thier knowledge it was the Buddha who came forward to unleash the science behind existence in a valorous manner,he brought the terms like illumination of soul in the knowledge of world,he was the first in this modern age of science who proclaimed without any suspicion that human himself is the answer of each and every mystery of its existence,many followed his course and achieved exactly  what he had investigated……to be continued ….

why is it essential to be in enthusiasm always

as we all know life is always about challenges ,the challenges which have the capacity of eating away all your resources ,mainly of those are money ,time ,good humour and enthusiasm.every person in this world like to live on his own but we see there are many hindrances often leads to us towards negativity .amazingly we find these hindrances not in the form of failures but often these obstacles are created by the infliction of those who are already in a morally deprived condition and while being in such a state they raise the question on the capacity of our influence,many articles on psychology have proved the fact that a person devoid of enthusiasm and vigour can inflict the moral condition of others .this phenomenon of inflicting the mental condition of others in a negative manner is not found in persons who are supposed to be valorous and brave but all time when we become the victim of such a ill feeling condition,the accused is always a coward fellow who on loosing his faith over himself tries to exercise his condition over others .so in such a world where not all are lions we must not afford to allow ourselves to lose in such a condition.later we will discuss the ways how to confront these elements who finds peace in inflicting others
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