if you could not then only will it be a blow

when first time in 2014 bjp government came into power  in the leadership of modi everyone in this country who was in state of melancholy due to excess of inequality of  resource allotment in this country do aspired that whatsoever will happen but there would be no dearth of enthusiasm in this country for at least 5 years,at least any innovation in mind appears soon it could be made viable as was the story of narendra modi .it was the simple expectation of the people of this country from the modi, that every young man was thinking of himself moving on the  same pace as was maintained by the modi to reach up to this extreme of the height of a carrier but after reaching the heights as it always happens with a poorly dimension-ed man that on heights its ebullience begin to befall as, on the heights only cloud appears always hindering  even a close object to be  seen clearly by the eyes however matured they might be and suddenly modi find himself in the clouds the clouds which comes inevitably into the journey of anyone who prevails in this run up for flying higher and higher.modi was flying higher like a titan and everyone in this country found a relief in his story that a tea boy touched such masculine heights of progress who now aspiring to be a prime minister of this country ,so when modi came to power this promise was silenty inherent in his victory that this stream of enthusiasm, that which is the most sought quality of a leader , this he will never let go of his reign during his tenure and it is the sole responsibility of modi to maintain the same enthusiasm for the whole tenure and in achieving the goals this phenomenon should never be forgotten


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