why is it essential to be in enthusiasm always

as we all know life is always about challenges ,the challenges which have the capacity of eating away all your resources ,mainly of those are money ,time ,good humour and enthusiasm.every person in this world like to live on his own but we see there are many hindrances often leads to us towards negativity .amazingly we find these hindrances not in the form of failures but often these obstacles are created by the infliction of those who are already in a morally deprived condition and while being in such a state they raise the question on the capacity of our influence,many articles on psychology have proved the fact that a person devoid of enthusiasm and vigour can inflict the moral condition of others .this phenomenon of inflicting the mental condition of others in a negative manner is not found in persons who are supposed to be valorous and brave but all time when we become the victim of such a ill feeling condition,the accused is always a coward fellow who on loosing his faith over himself tries to exercise his condition over others .so in such a world where not all are lions we must not afford to allow ourselves to lose in such a condition.later we will discuss the ways how to confront these elements who finds peace in inflicting others


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